Innovative aerodynamic solutions for trucking

Aerodymax is on a mission to reduce fuel consumption & emissions in trucks by 10% and cut the global emissions by >100M tons of CO2 per year

Aerodymax trailer skirt

Starting €1500

Saves 1-1.5 liters / 100 km fuel

Cuts CO2 emissions by 3-5%

ROI: 6-9 months

Warranty: 3 yrs

Successfully completed many fleet tests in Europe

Production certified: ISO 1090, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015

All metals are high grade stainless steel (AISI 304)


Reduces road spray and ice buildup

Extremely durable and flexible

Fuel savings calculator:

Monthly mileage,
thousand km
Fuel consumed
/ 100 km
Fuel economy, per year: *
*Diesel price of €1.8 per litre
Emissions decrease, per year:
0 tons of CO2

Coming soon...

Dymax underbody:
skirt+palette in one

Decreases fuel
& emissions by 3-5%


Decreases fuel
& emissions by 3-5%


Decreases fuel
& emissions by 3-5%

Switchable batteries
for ev-trucks

Carries 3000 kgs of
switchable batteries

Try on your fleet!

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Media and research


Aerodymax has installed trailer skirts at Becx, а Dutch truck rental company, and KRONE, Europe's leading trailer manufacturer

The installations of 'clamp on' devices took just 2.5 hrs per trailer. The operators, major European logistics fleets, are planning to save €3000-4000 per trailer per year by using the devices.


The EU Parliament has adopted new measures on emissions reductions for new heavy-duty vehicles (HDVs).

The new regulation mandates a reduction of 10% in the energy consumption associated with semi-trailers for OEMs. Side skirts are one of the certified methods to achieve this reduction.


AB InBev and Jost-Group report 4.9% reduction in fuel and emissions with Aerodymax skirts, and ROI of 8 Months

Over 100,000 km were driven in Belgium and France by 10 trucks participating in a 6-month-long pilot. The solution has also passed durability and impact tests. AB InBev is now scaling the solution across their fleet.


The Austrian-based Energy Globe Award has named Aerodymax the national startup of the year.

The award ceremony, organized by Advantage Austria, took place on January 23, 2024. The event was attended by representatives from the Ministries of Transport and Energy, as well as journalists.


Aerodymax has been named a Top-50 Startup in Mobility in the European Union.

The competition, co-founded by the European Parliament and the EU Commission, recognizes the startups that have the "potential to shape the future of mobility in Europe and beyond."


AB InBev starts using a solution that reduces energy consumption & emissions in trucks by up to 5%, by Aerodymax.

Tim Moerman, Director of Sustainability at ABInBev: "We are very proud of this partnership with Aerodymax. We plan to equip other trailers with these in the near future, to achieve a significant reduction in CO2 emissions."


Improving Truck Trailer Aerodynamics Will Save the Industry Billions.

North American Council for Freight Efficiency: “Skirts have become lighter, less expensive, and more robust. It is a net positive investment, and the payback period is getting shorter over time."


Side skirts remain the leading fuel-saving technology in Canada, with an average ROI of 9 months and adoption rates hitting 90%.

Read a survey of 60 biggest Canadian truck fleets including Coca-Cola and Walmart on fuel efficiency technologies used.


PepsiCo updates 1,600 trailers in the company’s fleet with TrailerTails and trailer skirts.

PepsiCo aims to improve the fuel economy of its fleet of trucks and trailers and make less of an impact on the environment.


California mandates aerodynamics: research points to significant benefits to fuel efficiency.

Trailers working in California are required to use EPA SmartWay-certified technologies, such as side skirts, gap fairings, or trailer tails.


Costs, adoption rates and efficiency of fuel-saving technologies in the North American market.

A White paper by the International Council of Clean Transportation.


Trailer skirts save ~6.7% of fuel, while undercarriage air deflectors demonstrated up to 2.2% fuel efficiency.

Performance Innovation Transport has published a report based on 5 years of monitoring of big American trucking fleets.

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